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The Conveyor Belt of Choice for High Output Material Needs in Ontario

Certified Equipment Operators

The Telebelt®130 is ideal for conveying materials in hard to access areas, with a reach of just over 126-feet. It can be set-up and torn down rather quickly, and it can clear a job site with no trouble. The TB 130 is a great piece of equipment to use for commercial, industrial and residential construction projects as it can operate in the most challenging situations, such as under ceiling heights as low as 15-feet, 4-inches. 

Flexible Performance with Telescopic Reach

When you need to pour mats, bridges, decks, and even backfill an area, Telebelt® 130 is our go-to conveyor belt of choice.


To learn more about our Telebelt® 130 and what we can do for your project, call us today.